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Jewelry Articles
Were ornaments always part of the human society?
Ornaments have long been considered an integral symbolic component of early human societies. An interesting collection of them have been dug near or around ancient burial mounds, and were thought to have been worn as amulets or as symbols of status. They were either made of animal bones, stones or shells. Where shells were not easily available, human teeth were used instead. These were some of the earliest known handcrafted jewelry that were first used at least 40,000 years ago.
Today, exhuming bodies of dead relatives to extract their teeth is unthinkable, if not altogether a social taboo. Thanks to the numerous mines that have been excavated during the intervening millennia, minerals have become modern humans way of conveying status or adorning the body [...]
Gold jewelry is a favorite of everyone, no matter who you are because of gold's usefulness in any type of design, it comes in a variety of colors, and there is no piece of jewelry that can't be crafted in this precious metal. It doesn't take any kind of expertise to pick out tasteful gold jewelry. All you have to do is look for something that you like in a style that you find pleasing.
There's nothing as lovely as a simple gold ring. The 24K Gold Textured Curve Band Ring is crafted from polished 24 karat yellow gold that is satin and laser finished. It features a curved design that is elegant and graceful. And you'll feel elegant and graceful too, whenever you slip this band on your finger [...]
Of all the jewelry that we possess are pearls always different, not just the way they are formed but also how they add to the elegance of us when we put on them. There are actually many types of pearls. The pride that we feel when we have a pearl that comes from being nourished and formed in the depths of the ocean inside of an oyster, is simply fascinating. Only with a masterpiece of nature, like a shining pearl is not enough. In any case, you have to take care of the necessary arrangements for pearl jewelry so that her beauty never fades!
Always use a SOFT lint free cloth or silicon cloth to wipe the pearl surface after every use. Never use a cloth which has harsh or abrasive material, it will harm the pearl surface [...]